Malkyrs: Arenas of Eternity

When I landed in Malkyrs studio, the game was suffering from an unstable, yet really exciting, game system. Learning to make clever and effective decisions in my first real professional experience allowed us to tackle various challenges and figure out interesting solutions.

The major feature of the game is the ability to store data on the card itself. Without reinventing the wheel, we managed to design an interesting gameplay system that could fit both the company economical needs and give the players an unique experience. That said we first defined the themes of the game, according to the existing lore, for allowing us a fresh start to design mechanics and craft unique gameplay for each champion.

Spending a lot of time documenting on what makes a good TCG, we also took some influences from various versus game, like any fighting game, brawlers and board games. This really helped us to design strong risk and rewards situations, by always refining parameters, to make each player’s choice matter.

From reworking the core mechanics, keeping and improving the heart of the desired experience, to designing a clear UI, making clear promotional videos, I developped my passion for communicating ideas into a comprehensive approach.